Profile and services


Armonia was established in 1998 with the ambition of selling the Italian Luxury in Korea. Our goal was to develop a new concept of “trade business”  expected to become much more than a mere buying office business. Armonia wanted to have its own commercial and distribution structure specialized in selling the luxury accessories in the Korean duty free market.The goal has been totally achieved and has exceeded our wildest expectations.

New Store Concept

During these years we have opened several monobrand shops for the best Italian brands, this store concept was nothing new and already existing in every market either duty free or domestic market.
Indeed, our winning choice was that of defining a NEW store concept that had never been thought before in the duty free: the luxury accessories multibrand store LA VETRINA.
In these shops we sell accessories (ties, scarves, mufflers, small leather goods) of the most prestigious brands; before the opening of our shops the only space where these items could be sold were the monobrand boutique. This new space reserved to accessories only has created a further and new turnover opportunity for all the brands displayed in our shops.

Seeing the success of LA VETRINA on the duty free market, we have proposed the same concept for a different customer and products and we opened a multibrand store for men on the duty free market: MEN’s COLLECTION.

That’s a total look store where only the best selection of the Italian men brands are sold (Lardini, Bagutta, PT01, JACOB COHEN, HERNO, ORIAN) and each product is represented by a brand specialized in that specific item (Bagutta and Orian for shirts; PT01 and Jacob Cohen for jeans, etc.)


The definition of a new store concept was the winning choice from a commercial point of view  but also a solid administrative structure was set up able to offer a completely new and advantageous service both to the Korean customers and to the suppliers in Europe through 2 administration poles:

SEOUL: the buying campaign for the multibrand shops buyers is arranged in our showroom at Inbetween Co. Ltd., through our base in Seoul we have a steady contact with the Korean market catching any new trends and change at the right time.
Customers feel safe and comfortable for having a Korean company as a partner for the buying of imported brands as they can solve immediately and easily any issue related to the distribution business (customer’s assistance, after service, shops fitting and maintenance, claims, re-orders, etc).

 our Italian branch arrange the buying campaign for monobrand shops buyers in the maison’s showrooms in Italy and  follow up orders for the logistic and administrative side (invoicing, payments, shipments, distribution contracts); licensees and maisons feel safe to have an Italian company as a partner for the distribution of their products in a Far East country as it makes the handling of any issue related to their business surely easier and smoother.



Carlo Min
President of Armonia S.r.l.

Carlo Min. Now, sole administrator of the company, Carlo Min has been a director for the Textile Division of Samsung Italy for many years (looking after commercial projects in Korea for names like Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Luciano Barbera).